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When God Does Not Move The Mountain.

There are many obstacles in life that we go through and there are times when God does not move
mountains for us. But through His grace we have been able to conquer those obstacles, those mountains
that have been our stumbling block. Whether you have accepted God or not He is there and He does have
a hand in what goes on around you for a purpose. He does send guardian angels even if you do not believe,
for he knows that when we come to our crisis, we will cry out for Him.

God doesn't always move the mountain, many times he move us. For example just this last Monday while
taking my son up to Christian camp, we were in a serious car wreck. We started spinning on a down slope
in the mountains, I cried out for God to save my son and keep Him from harm. I let go of the stirring wheel,
leaned back and let God take control and He did just that! God didn't move the mountains, but he moved us
so that we would not go over that mountain.

He put His hands around our car and lifted us up in the air and placed us safely on a fence that secured us
from dropping down the cliff. God didn't move the mountain he moved us! He was with us and He saved our
lives. Needless to say our car was totaled and it took two tow trucks to get our car up and out and a flat bed
truck to hall it away, but He saved us from getting even a scratch, except for some aches and pains. My son
even made it up to camp that same morning. That's how God works, he works with us! So next time you come
up against a mountain too big to cross, don't ask God to move it, ask Him to help you conquer it! It might just
be the mountain that saves your life! God love us and he wants us always to succeed. Put your trust and your
faith in Him a lean back in His arms! He'll carry you through! Because he is just that BIG!

"Come all who are weary and tired and I will give you rest" says the Lord
Cast your worries upon the Lord

Thank you to Marina & Ruben Franco for building this website
to allow me to share my prayers and thoughts with everyone.



God bless you!
Julie <((()><
Sacramento CA

Email: godschildministryinc@prodigy.net

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